I set this page up to answer questions about me,  to
provide a way to contact me if you want to ask me
questions about how to code effects into web pages, as well
 as a way to demo web page effects. I also have a copy of
 my resume online for the benefit of potential employers. I'm
 always trying to improve the look of my site so please by all
 means, if you have an idea how I can further improve my
page or you have a link or two you think I should list let me
 know. I have  a link to all my e-mail addresses in my
personal information  section.

      I set up a table of contents to help people navigate my
 page. I added an option to change
the music. Just click
a section to go there. Send me an
message to tell me what
 you think ( or
just swap e-mail and IMs ) at
or click here to use my response
 form. Please in any case sign my Guest Book

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Last Updated on 4-17-2007

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